About us

Welcome to Amoeba Education.

Amoeba Education is founded on the principle that next generation schools will be led by School Leaders and Teachers who have the capabilities and skills to shape 21st century Education.

“Changing the World by Changing the Way We Learn”, is our motto.

Amoeba Education is a network of professionals focused on Charting the Path to Excellence in learning for all. Our resource team of current and former K-12 schools leaders, technology leaders, and trainers are committed to providing the highest quality solutions through a blended model of international teaching learning practices. We are involved in developing, designing, and delivering Teaching Learning Pathways for educators and students as we strive to help educational systems — schools, organizations, parents, and community — create integrated learning systems where learning is mandatory for all, not just for children.

We provide advocacy in starting up private schools with an affiliation with IB, University of Cambridge, CBSE, and ICSE. We will help you to establish a K-12 in a cost effective and sustainable model. The school management program ensures a complete turn around by optimizing the functional efficiency at all levels. Its Innovative Educators Program will equip the teachers with current teaching learning styles and pedagogy……