Jul 6, 2012

Assessment is an integral component of any successful teaching effort.

Assessments are important both for students and for teachers.  For both groups, assessments (assuming that they are done correctly) give a great deal of information.  They tell what things the student has or has not learnt.  For the student, this information is a sign about what sort of things he or she needs to study more.  For the teacher, the assessments can tell what individual students need help with.  They can also (assuming that the teacher analyzes them) tell the teacher which things he or she has done a good job of teaching.  This can inform the teacher about what needs to be reinforced and perhaps about what strategies did and did not work.

At its simplest, assessment is important because it is a system of quality control that continually checks to make sure our teaching methods and students learning methods are successful.

Although assessments are typically implemented following instruction, planning for assessment should begin prior to instruction.

Axis provides information about assessment methods focused on student knowledge, beliefs and teaching skills or ability to translate knowledge and beliefs into practice.

Our expert team devises appropriate and meaningful measures to assess student learning and mastery of concepts at hand.