How can you succeed when the only certainty is change?

How can you succeed when the only certainty is change?

21-Jun-2012 – The seven news laws for a world gone digital – the challenges all businesses must face to thrive in a digital world.

How can you succeed when the only certainty is change?

Digital technology is changing the way we do business in every way imaginable and if there is anything worth knowing about how to use it to innovate and grow, Stefan Olander, vice-president of Digital Sport at Nike, and Ajaz Ahmed, founder of legendary independent innovation agency AKQA, know it. Between them they have created some of the most influential and iconic work for many of the world’s leading brands. Written as a conversation between Olander and Ahmed, Velocity is a highly perceptive manifesto for a world gone digital.

Charged with cutting-edge content and real-life examples, Velocity presents the seven new laws all businesses and individuals need to face to thrive in a world that is dominated by rapid change.

• A Smith & Wesson beats four aces
• It’s easier done than said
• The best advertising isn’t advertising
• Convenient is the enemy of right
• Respect human nature
• No good joke survives a committee of six
• Have a purpose larger than yourself

Highly thought-provoking and utterly engaging, Velocity will turn your perceptions about digital on their head, and arm you with the knowledge to define your future and leave your competitors behind.

Stefan Olander is the vice-president of digital sport at Nike and one of the world’s leading digital innovators.

Ajaz Ahmed is the founder of AKQA, the world’s largest independent innovation agency.